Tuition and Fees

Costs Summer 18 Fall 18 Spring 19 Total
Tuition/Program Fees* $6,900 $13,800 $13,800 $34,500
Campus Fees $1,338 $2,111 $2,111 $5,560
Total $8,238 $15,911 $15,911 $40,060


NOTE: Tuition and fees for those entering Summer 2019 is pending board approval. Approved tuition and fee information will be posted here by March 1, 2019. For planning purposes, you can estimate total increase of 3-5%. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
 * Program fees are assessed to all students enrolled in the program to support the costs associated with all academic and non-instructional programs and activities throughout each semester.
International applicants: For financial verification purposes, international applicants who are admitted are required to verify funding ON THIS FORM for the first 12 months only, including tuition and other estimated living expenses. For a list of these additional expenses CLICK HERE.There is also an additional international Student Fee of $35 that will assessed.