Return on Investment

Business3Combining business acumen with a degree in arts and humanities, social sciences, and other non-business majors helps graduates achieve higher earning power, while also enabling them to gain a competitive advantage in career advancement.  Graduates of MSM programs can realize an immediate return on investment at graduation by receiving compensation packages competitive with other business graduate programs. More importantly, they realize greater opportunities for promotions and can achieve 50% higher salaries within 3 years of graduation.

Using a collaborative learning format, case-based learning, and a global focus, this program produces graduates who quickly develop those key skills and capabilities needed to launch a career in business management, consulting, analytics, entrepreneurship, and other high-demand jobs. Beyond the classroom experience, you will have opportunities to participate in professional development workshops, career coaching through Business Career Services, networking events, corporate tours, seminars, and student activities that combined provide graduates with access to numerous employment opportunities within their desired fields.