Financial FAQs

I am looking for some additional resources for financial aid?

Hourly University positions may be found at the University’s Office of Student Employment website or the Virtual Job Board. Both are updated daily.

Please note: if you have an F1 visa, you may ONLY work on-campus at University positions. Limited scholarships and financial aid resources for international students can be found at or

How much tuition, fees and other expenses, and how do I pay them?

Please click here for tuition and fees. These are the same, for instate, domestic and international. Tuition and fees are not assessed until after a student enrolls in the University. The bill should arrive electronically via your University email during the first week of each semester. Due dates are noted on all bill notifications, the 28th of the month. Tuition bills and fees can be paid on-line by electronic transfer or credit card, or they can be paid at the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office, 100 Henry Administration Building. You may request a copy of any bill at this location. Your $2,000 deposit will be credited to your first 16-week semester billing.

If you are sponsored by your company (or an agency), we suggest that you have your sponsor pay the deposit or reimburse you for the amount. Once you arrive and advise us, we will submit to the University of Illinois Sponsored Student Billing Office your name and your sponsor’s address as listed on your financial certification form (part of your application to the program). If this information is not current or correct, you need to provide the current contact person and email address of your sponsor to the MS in Business Administration office. Sponsors are billed 2-6 weeks after student billings post. It may take a few weeks for the bills to be received and processed by your sponsoring company or agency (especially international mail); this delay may result in late fees. If you or your sponsor is charged a late fee, please see someone in the program office to help resolve the issue.