General University FAQs

Can you please explain what my 'UIN' number is?

Your UIN is your University Identification Number. It is assigned to you as soon as you submit your application and it is used for virtually everything associated with your studies at the University; it will appear on your identification card, your online student account, etc. Your University Identification Number (UIN) will be communicated in your notice of official admission. If you are unsure of your UIN, please request confirmation from us.

What is the difference between 'Local' address and 'permanent' address?

Your permanent address is your address currently, in your home country. Your local address will be your address when you live here in Champaign-Urbana.

If I already have health insurance coverage, can I drop the University's health insurance (and fees)?

For your own protection, all MS in Business Administration students are required to carry the health insurance coverage provided by the University. For more information on the University’s health insurance, please see:

Does the insurance provided by the University include dental and vision coverage?

Dental and vision are offered at an additional charge by University insurance. For more information on dental, see or vision, see

How can I get involved with the campus and comunity?
  • The Daily Illini is a free, student-organized daily newspaper. It lists campus and local community events including cultural exhibits, performances, academic lectures, sports events, community fairs, movies, and other events. The newspaper is free, and you can find it in most buildings on campus.
  • The Champaign and Urbana Park districts list events and activities on their websites: and. Some of these events are free; others require a fee and registration.
  • Public libraries offer a wealth of community information and programs and events for people of all ages as well as books, videos, music, and reference materials. Anyone living in Champaign or Urbana can get a free library card and check out materials without charge. The Champaign Public Library is at 505 South Randolph Street. The Urbana Public Library is located at 201 S. Race Street.
  • The University of Illinois most official list of registered organizations allows you to browse the many campus clubs and organizations by category for your specific interests. There are more than 1,000 organizations available to students.
  • The YMCA offers many activities for people of all ages.
What are other cultural and recreational opportunities?