The course requirements for the MSBA program consists of 40 credit hours drawn from a set of core courses and elective courses offered through the Department of Business Administration. The MSBA Program is designed to be completed in one-year. Students may extend their plan of study by one semester if they plan to pursue a minor, which requires additional credit hours.


Our courses are progressively structured and delivered in both eight and sixteen week modules, which allows us to dive deep into a vast array of important topics over the one-year time frame of the MSBA Program. Students may select courses which are either two credits or four credit courses to fulfill the program requirements.


Students must take at least 12 credits of International Management courses.

Must Register (18 credits)

  • Frontiers in Business (0)
  • Marketing Management (2)
  • Accounting (4)
  • Managing Organizations (4)
  • 582 Multinational Management (4) or
    586 International Comparative Management (4)
  • ESL 505 (if needed)

Students without a business undergraduate degree should register for:

  • BADM 567 Process Mgmt (2) + BADM 566 Supply Chain Mgmt (2)

Students with a business undergraduate degree can register for one of the following:

  • BADM 559 – Enterprise IT Governance (4)
  • BADM 562 – Social Media Strategy (4)
  • BADM 528 – Promotional Strategy (4)


Spring (18 credits)

  • Product Design and Development (2)
  • Introduction to Finance (4)
  • International Management Electives (at least 4 credits)
  • Business Electives (at least 4 credits)

Summer (4 credits)

  • International Management Capstone Course