Required Courses

Business Minor students should enroll into the Summer Sessions’s Business Minor courses to ensure completion of all the minor’s requirements before their graduations.

Business Minor students may fulfill the minor’s Fundamentals of Accounting Core Course Requirement with either the Accountancy (ACCY) 200 course OR the sequence of the Accountancy (ACCY) 201 and Accountancy (ACCY) 202 courses.

The ACCY 200 course OR the ACCY 201 and ACCY 202 courses are the prerequisites for the Finance (FIN) 221 course.  

ACCY 200 OR ACCY 201 and ACCY 202 must first be completed before enrollment into the FIN 221 course.

Most Business Minor courses are available as online courses through the Urbana-Champaign campus.  Please find more information through our college’s website.

Suggested Course Schedule

Summer Session Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year ACCY 200 and BADM Core or Elective course ACCY 200 OR FIN 221 FIN 221 or BADM Core or Elective course
Second Year FIN 221 and BADM Core or Elective course BADM Core or Elective course BADM Core or Elective course

The Required Core Courses:

Accountancy (ACCY) 200: Fundamentals of Accounting

This Accountancy course is designed for non-business students.  You will understand and interpret accounting principles as they’re used in the real world.

Business Administration (BADM) 310: Management and Organizational Behavior

This course introduces you to a broad range of topics in management and organizational behavior.  Topics you’ll learn include motivation, leadership, teams, organizational culture, organizational structure, strategy, business ethics and entrepreneurship.

Business Administration (BADM) 320: Principles of Marketing

In this course you’ll study the functions, institutions and basic problems involved in marketing goods and services.  You”ll also be introduced to marketing terminology, the foundations of marketing strategy and marketing planning concepts.

Finance (FIN) 221: Corporate Finance

You’ll learn in this corporate financial management course how financial managers’s choices add value to shareholder wealth through investment financing and operating decisions.