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Available Classes 101 - Introduction
102 - Equity Analysis
103 - Excel API
104 - Commodities
105 - Fixed Income
301 - Options
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Bloomberg provides real-time and historical financial news and information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures for both international and domestic markets.

Capital IQ
Available Classes 101 - Overview
202 - M&A Screening
301 - Valuation Techniques
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Capital IQ is a web- and Excel-based research platform that combines information on companies, securities, and markets worldwide with tools for fundamental analysis, surveillance, and trend analysis, financial modeling, market analysis, screening, and targeting.

Crystal Ball
Available Classes 101 - Simulations
102 - Optimization
103 - DCF Analysis
104 - Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
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Crystal Ball is a graphically oriented forecasting and risk analysis program that helps deliver better outcomes by defining risk and uncertainty. By applying Monte Carlo techniques, Crystal Ball transforms spreadsheets into dynamic models that address almost any problem involving uncertainty and risk

Available Classes 101 - Formatting and Navigating
102 - Formulas and Functions
103 - Charting and Graphing
104 - Introduction to VBA
105 - Data Analysis and Regression
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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications

Available Classes 101 - Introduction to FinCad
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FINCAD has become the industry standard for financial analytics providing derivative analytics tools and services to tens of thousands of financial professionals in more than 4,000 organizations located in over 80 countries around the globe. FINCAD Analytics Suite allows businesses to value and price derivatives, measure counterparty exporsure and risk, perform scenario analysis and stress testing, confirm dealer pricing, calculate value-at-risk (VaR), and mark-to market positions and portfolios.

Moody's KMV
Available Classes 101 - Introduction to Moody's KMV Credit Edge
102 - Introduction to Moody's KMV RiskCalc Plus
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The Moody’s KMV RiskCalc and CreditEdge Plus are advanced credit analysis tools. CreditEdge Plus assesses counterparty risk associated with publicly traded companies from around the world. RiskCalc enables greater precision and accuracy in evaluating private firm credit risk by combining financial statement and equity market-based information.

Available Classes 101 - Introduction to Matlab
201 - Programming
202 - Matrices and Statistics Toolbox
300 - Financial Toolbox
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Matlab is a technical computing software that allows you to solve complex mathematical problems, optimize systems with thousands of variables, and plot statistical, probabilistic and regression models. Matlab is used in a wide range of fields including, finance, economics, biology, and communications.

Morningstar Direct
Available Classes 101 - Introduction to Morningstar Direct
201 - Asset Allocation
202 - Portfolio Attribution
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Morningstar Direct is a web-based research platform with global coverage of performance and holdings analysis of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, hedge funds, money market funds, offshore funds, and stocks.

Rotman Interactive Trader
Available Classes 101 - Introduction to Rotman
102 - Introduction to Rotman Real Time Data Excel Tool
103 - Algorithmic Trading and Rotman Excel API
104 - Introduction to Commodities Trading
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Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) application is an order-driven market simulator (which allows users to transact financial securities with each other on a real-time basis) plus a sequence of RIT cases. Each RIT case focuses on the risks and opportunities associated with particular securities or strategies.