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Argus DCF

Argus DCF 101 - Introduction to Argus

There are currently no scheduled workshops for Argus DCF 101


Bloomberg 101 - Introduction to Bloomberg

Bloomberg 101Thursday, April 25:00pm6:00pm
Bloomberg 101Tuesday, April 76:00pm7:00pm
Bloomberg 101Monday, April 135:00pm6:00pm
Bloomberg 101Monday, April 275:00pm6:00pm Registration Not Open Yet

Bloomberg 102 - Equity Analysis

Prerequisites: 101
Bloomberg 102Wednesday, April 88:00pm9:00pm

Bloomberg 103 - Excel Plug-in

Prerequisites: 101
Bloomberg 103Thursday, April 26:00pm7:00pm
Bloomberg 103Monday, April 65:00pm6:00pm
Bloomberg 103Monday, April 136:00pm7:00pm
Bloomberg 103Tuesday, April 217:00pm8:00pm Registration Not Open Yet

Bloomberg 104 - Commodities

Prerequisites: 101
Bloomberg 104Tuesday, April 77:00pm8:00pm

Bloomberg 105 - Fixed Income

Prerequisites: 101
Bloomberg 105Tuesday, April 216:00pm7:00pm Registration Not Open Yet

Bloomberg 301 - Options

Prerequisites: 101 and 103
Bloomberg 301Thursday, April 167:00pm8:00pm

Capital IQ

Capital IQ 101 - Introduction to Capital IQ and Capital IQ Excel Plug-in

Capital IQ 101Tuesday, April 75:00pm6:00pm
Capital IQ 101Monday, April 137:00pm8:00pm

Capital IQ 202 - Mergers & Acquisitions Screening

Prerequisites: 101
Capital IQ 202Thursday, April 96:00pm7:00pm

Capital IQ 301 - DCF Valuation

Prerequisites: 101
Capital IQ 301Monday, April 66:00pm7:30pm
Capital IQ 301Thursday, April 236:00pm7:30pm Registration Not Open Yet

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball 101 - Introduction to Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball 101Monday, April 138:00pm9:00pm

Crystal Ball 102 - Portfolio Optimization

Prerequisites: 101
Crystal Ball 102Wednesday, April 156:00pm7:00pm

Crystal Ball 103 - DCF Analysis

Prerequisites: 101 and a conceptual understanding of discounted cash flows analysis
There are currently no scheduled workshops for Crystal Ball 103

Crystal Ball 104 - Time Series Forecasting

Prerequisites: 101 and a conceptual understanding of regression analysis
Crystal Ball 104Wednesday, April 158:00pm9:00pm


Direct 101 - Introduction to Morningstar Direct

Direct 101Wednesday, April 155:00pm6:00pm

Direct 201 - Asset Allocation

Direct 201Thursday, April 165:00pm6:00pm

Direct 202 - Portfolio Attribution

There are currently no scheduled workshops for Direct 202


Excel 101 - Formatting and Navigating

Excel 101Wednesday, April 15:00pm6:00pmRegistration Closed
Excel 101Thursday, April 95:00pm6:00pm
Excel 101Thursday, April 166:00pm7:00pm

Excel 102 - Formulas and Functions

Excel 102Wednesday, April 86:00pm7:00pm

Excel 103 - Charting and Graphing

Excel 103Wednesday, April 87:00pm8:00pm

Excel 104 - Introduction to VBA

There are currently no scheduled workshops for Excel 104

Excel 105 - Data Analysis and Regression

Excel 105Thursday, April 27:00pm8:00pm
Excel 105Tuesday, April 148:00pm9:00pm


KMV 101 - Introduction to Moody's KMV Credit Edge

KMV 101Monday, April 67:30pm8:30pm
KMV 101Wednesday, April 157:00pm8:00pm

KMV 102 - Introduction to Moody's KMV RiskCalc Plus

There are currently no scheduled workshops for KMV 102


Matlab 101 - Introduction to Matlab

Matlab 101Wednesday, April 16:00pm7:00pmRegistration Closed
Matlab 101Tuesday, April 145:00pm6:00pm

Matlab 201 - Programming

Matlab 201Wednesday, April 17:00pm8:00pmRegistration Closed

Matlab 202 - Matrices and Statistics Toolbox

There are currently no scheduled workshops for Matlab 202

Matlab 300 - Financial Toolbox

Matlab 300Tuesday, April 146:00pm7:00pm


RIT 101 - Introduction to Rotman Interactive Trader

RIT 101Tuesday, April 147:00pm8:00pm

RIT 102 - Commodities

RIT 102 CommoditiesThursday, April 28:00pm9:00pm

RIT 102 - Capital Markets

RIT 102 Capital MarketsThursday, April 237:30pm8:30pm
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