Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have registered for a class, but I suddenly have a conflict?
I recently registered for a class but did not receive a confirmation email that showed I successfully registered. How do I know if I successfully registered for a class?
I received a reminder for a class I did not sign up for, what should I do?
What happens if I forget to swipe my i-card before attending a workshop?
I registered for a class, but I received an email stating that it has been cancelled! What should I do?
I am in a course that offers extra credit to take classes in the Market Information Lab; how do I receive confirmation for my professor that I have taken the course?
I am interested in registering a group of students for a private session, how do I get started?
What happens if I am a non-College of Business student but I want to take classes?

Other Important Information

Program Enrollment
To enroll in the certification program click here. Only register here if you have NEVER registered for the MIL Certification program in the past. You only need to register once to be eligible to participate in all certification levels (basic and tracks).
Basic Certification
To complete the basic certification you must take all 9 tutorials and pass all 9 quizzes.
Practicum Certification
To be eligible to select a track and sit for the practicum exam, you must hold the basic-level certification and attend all of the courses in the track. You only need to take the REQUIRED non-practicum quizzes. Registration is available here
Certification Quizzes
You can take certification quizzes on any Sunday betwwen 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM in the MIL. The last time to start a quiz is 8:00 PM. You are only eligible to take a quiz after sitting and receiving credit for the class. If you fail a quiz, you must take the class again! You can take as many quizzes in one day as you are eligible for. However, you must pass any prerequisites before taking a secondary quiz (i.e. BB101 before BB102).
Passing Scores
You must obtain a 70% on each certification exam to pass. It can take up to two weeks to have a quiz graded and uploaded.
Viewing Scores
Provided you are registered for the program, you will be added to the MIL Compass page after your first exam is graded.
Online Quizzes
We currently offer Matlab 101, KMV 101, Crystal Ball 101, CapIQ 101, Direct 101, Bloomberg 101/102/103, and RIT 101 online. However, you must be in the lab to take the quiz.
Practicum Capstone Exams
On select Fridays in 1029C, you can sit for the capstone test. Click here to register.
  • Investment Banking: TBA
  • Risk Analytics: TBA
  • Wealth Management: TBA
  • Trading: TBA
Workshop Availability
Software workshops are offered during the fall and spring semesters. The workshop schedule is available no later than week 2 of the semester. Registration links are available approximately 14 days before the class. Please note that registration closes 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of a workshop
Attending Workshops
If you do not arrive by the scheduled start time of the class, your spot will be forfeited to someone on the waiting list.
Waiting List
If you are unable to sign up for a workshop because it is full, you may attempt to attend the class standby. Please show up to the MIL at least 10 minutes before the class begins and tell the desk that you wish to be on standby. If there are no shows, we may b e able to let you in on a first come, first serve basis.
Missing Class
We reserve the right to ban students from MIL tutorials who register but fail to cancel or appear for class more than 2 times per semester.
Cancellation Policy
You must click on the "Delete Form" link in the confirmation email that you received when registering. This must happen at least 8 hours before the class is scheduled to start.
Workshops with Low Enrolment
We reserve the right to cancel workshops with less than 5 attendees