Students can use the MAS experience to focus in on a specialized area that provides a direct path to your future career. Choose from one of our six concentrations, which comprise 12 out of the program’s 32 required semester hours.

Make the most of your one year with MAS by growing your knowledge into an area of expertise.


Corporate Governance & International Business

Learn how the best lead their firms, and understand the influences of a global economy.

Data Analytics in Accounting

Companies no longer ignore analytics; they embrace its influence on decision-making.

Information Technology & Control

Prepare yourself for a burgeoning field that requires employers to leverage security with investment.


Become the accountant a business relies on for sound financial advice that allows for proper growth.

Real Estate

Learn the language and analytical tools that make for successful entrants in a competitive field.

Supply Chain Management

Don’t just make decisions regarding products and services; analyze the factors and produce the best result.