Admissions for Illinois undergraduate students

As a Gies Business undergraduate student majoring in accounting, you can make the most of your future and take the next step in your education with the MAS graduate program. Pursue a purposeful career with this one year graduate program that enhances your foundation in accountancy and better prepares you for the CPA exam.

The following instructions will guide you through the two-stage admission process to ensure your eligibility and make you aware of the required deadlines.


1st Stage Instructions

Undergraduate students currently enrolled in ACCY 303 and ACCY 304 can apply for recommendation to the MAS program by the Department of Accountancy during their junior or senior years. Juniors apply during the spring semester, while seniors apply during the fall semester. This enables you to plan ahead for your coursework, internship opportunities, and study abroad possibilities. Acceptance allows you to also get a jumpstart on your graduate studies by offering the chance to complete two graduate level courses during your senior year.


2nd Stage Instructions

Undergraduate students in their senior year can apply to the Graduate College. Students will also need to complete the necessary course prerequisites for the one-year graduate program. The Graduate College application is required at the end of the fall semester of your senior year, prior to the Graduate College’s determination of admission.