About Business Information Technology Services

Business Information Technology Services provides information technology support for the educational, research and administrative activities of students, faculty and staff in the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

How we support the College of Business

Application Services

  • scope, design and deliver data and reports using combination of campus and college data
  • maintain, develop and coordinate applications requiring data access or programming needs

Consultation and Training Services

  • provide consultation and training for new technical initiatives
  • advise units interested in technology offerings through external vendors

Instructional Technology Services

  • maintain the College instructional classrooms and conferencing facilities
  • provide instructional support for College high-tech classrooms

Lab Services

  • maintain and support the College instructional and research labs in 36 and 24 Wohlers Hall
  • maintain the Margolis Market Information Lab in the Business Instructional Facility

User and Infrastructure Support Services

  • maintain and support the College servers, network and technology infrastructure needs
  • provide support for all technology endpoints and software for College employees

Web Services

  • administer web configuration and security for College hosted sites
  • maintain, design, and develop website, themes and interfaces for official College sites