Investment Management Academy


Investment Management Academy, one of the Stanley C. Golder Academies, is an academic program that participates in the management of the Illini Capital Management fund, a student managed investment fund established within the College of Business.

Our student members, under the direction of Kevin Waspi, CFA, conduct industry research and present investment recommendations. Members submit an industry primer report providing detailed overview of one sector, then create and present investment recommendations, which include quantitative valuation and qualitative analysis.

Recruiting is conducted in the fall and spring of each academic year, for possible admission in the following semester. Application for admission is open just prior to the opening of registration for the coming semester. Interested and qualified students submit applications (available on this website), essays, and transcripts during the application period. Interviews are conducted with faculty members and the director; accepted candidates are notified soon after.

The Founding Corporate Partner of the Investment Management Academy is Grosvenor Capital Management, LLC.