Investment Management Academy


The Investment Management Academy, one of the Stanley C. Golder Academies, is an academic program that provides select students with institutional investment experience. Students take on all of the responsibilities expected of analysts in a fund management environment. Members of the Academy conduct industry research, prepare qualitative and quantitative assessments of investment candidates, present investment recommendations, conduct due diligence on investments, oversee trading, manage industry concentrations, and report on fund performance. With oversight of the Directors, students manage assets of over $1 million.

Participation in the Academy results in practical feedback from fellow senior members and alumni of the program, who through internships and experience sharpen student’s skills in industry analyses, company valuation, modelling and forecasting techniques, and the practical use of multiple equity research and multiple information databases.

The Investment Management Academy also arranges specific interaction with practitioners both on-campus and on-site at various employers to further career preparation in various industries including:

  • buy side analysis
  • sell-side research
  • portfolio managers
  • wealth managers
  • alternative investment managers
  • capital markets
  • valuation specialists
  • sales & trading

Recruiting for the Academy is conducted in the fall and spring of each academic year, for possible admission in the following semester. Application for admission is open prior to the opening of registration for the coming semester. Interested and qualified students can submit applications (available on this website), essays, and transcripts during the application period. Interviews are conducted with faculty members and the director; accepted candidates are notified soon after.

The Founding Corporate Partner of the Investment Management Academy is Grosvenor Capital Management, LLC.