Finance Academy

Finance Academy, one of the Stanley C. Golder Academies, challenges top finance majors in the College of Business to reach higher levels of excellence in their education and in themselves.  By building confidence and capability in these students, they will be prepared to be a positive influence to business and society.

Finance Academy is comprised of 20 of our top juniors and 20 of our top seniors enrolled in the College of Business.  These students must be pursuing a degree in finance, but most of our Academy students are pursuing dual degrees—typically finance & accountancy.

Finance Academy aims to foster improvement in its members in the following areas:  technical financial skills, leadership, business and professional responsibility / governance / ethics, communications, technical and software tools, current events in global finance, and career management.

The Academy formally meets once a week on Wednesday from 4:00PM—6:00PM with other events during the school year.  The first hour of the Academy is for student presentations.  The second hour is reserved for guest presentations by business leaders (presidents, board members, CFOs and CEOs) and politicians from Chicago, California, New York and other financial centers and just about every industry has been represented at Finance Academy.

All of this is to advance the education of our finance honor students beyond the cognitive learning of finance; to give them a greater understanding of what they need to know to be our future leaders.