Full Name Email Address Office Phone Title
Almeida, Heitor halmeida@illinois.edu 4037 BIF (217) 333-2704 Professor of Finance and Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder Chair in Corporate Finance
Beard, Dennis dbeard@illinois.edu 70C Wohlers Hall (217) 356-5373 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Brown, Jeffrey R. brownjr@illinois.edu 260E Wohlers Hall (217) 333-2747 Dean and Josef and Margot Lakonishok Professor of Business
Cannaday, Roger E. rcannada@illinois.edu 140A Wohlers Hall (217) 333-2278 Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance
Chan, Louis K.C. l-chan2@illinois.edu 393 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-6391 Professor of Finance and Department Chair and Hoeft Professor of Business
Chinco, Alex chinco@illinois.edu 343J Wohlers Assistant Professor of Finance
Choi, Jaewon jaewchoi@illinois.edu 4035 BIF (217) 244-0840 Assistant Professor of Finance
Clark-Joseph, Adam D. adcj@illinois.edu 435 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-1536 Assistant Professor of Finance
Colwell, Peter pcolwell@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall Professor Emeritus of Finance
D'Arcy, Stephen s-darcy@illinois.edu 414 Wohlers Hall Professor Emeritus of Finance
Davis, Donald W. dwdavis@illinois.edu 309 Wohlers Hall (217) 332-5845 Lecturer of Finance
Davis, Jeff M. jdavis93@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
DeBrock, Larry ldebrock@illinois.edu 4034 BIF (217) 333-4553 Dean Emeritus and Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics
Deryugina, Tatyana deryugin@illinois.edu 4029 BIF (217) 333-9498 Assistant Professor of Finance
Dyer, Michael dyer1@illinois.edu 331 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-7807 Senior Lecturer of Finance
Finnerty, Joseph finnerty@illinois.edu 414 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-2815 Professor Emeritus of Finance
Flesher, Jeffrey flesher@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-2239 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
France, Virginia G. v-france@illinois.edu 414 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-0704 Assistant Professor of Finance
Fullerton, Don dfullert@illinois.edu 4030 BIF (217) 244-3621 Gutgsell Prof of Finance and Institute of Govt and Pub Affairs
Gambera, Michele mgambera@illinois.edu Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Gentry, Jim j-gentry@illinois.edu 432 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-7995 Professor Emeritus of Finance
Huang, Jiekun huangjk@illinois.edu 463 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-7024 Assistant Professor of Finance
Irani, Rustom rirani@illinois.edu (217) 300-0472 Assistant Professor of Finance
Johnson, Timothy C. tcj@illinois.edu 343E Wohlers Hall (217) 333-4089 Professor of Finance and Karl and Louise Schewe Professor
Kahn, Charles M. cmkahn@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall Professor Emeritus of Finance
Kiku, Dana dka@illinois.edu (217) 244-0431 Associate Professor of Finance
Kronlund, Mathias kronlund@illinois.edu 311 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-2631 Assistant Professor of Finance
Krueger, George J. gkrueger@illinois.edu 70C Wohlers Hall (217) 244-9521 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Lakonishok, Josef josefla@illinois.edu 393 Wohlers Hall Professor of Finance
Lane, Morton mnlane@illinois.edu 3251 DCL (217) 333-3430 Clinical Professor of Finance
Lynge, Morgan J. m-lynge@illinois.edu Professor Emeritus of Finance
Mallon, Michael F. mmallon@illinois.edu (630) 592-4154 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Marcinkowski, Matthew mrcnkwsk@illinois.edu 109 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-8947 Lecturer of Finance
McGrath, Karen M. km17@illinois.edu Lecturer of Finance
Metzger, Robert L. metzgerr@illinois.edu (217) 300-0152 Lecturer of Finance
Miller, Nolan nmiller@illinois.edu 4033 BIF (217) 244-2847 Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow
Molitor, David dmolitor@illinois.edu 4032 BIF (217) 244-0504 Assistant Professor of Finance
Natenberg, Sheldon sn123145@illinois.edu Adjunct Instructor of Finance
Oltheten, Elisabeth oltheten@illinois.edu 440 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-9128 Assistant Professor of Finance and Academic Advisor
Pearson, Neil pearson2@illinois.edu 419 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-0490 Professor of Finance and Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professor of Financial Markets and Options
Pennacchi, George gpennacc@illinois.edu 4041 BIF (217) 244-0952 Professor of Finance and Fred S. Bailey Memorial Chair of Finance
Perkins, Scott E. seperkns@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall (217) 582-8069 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Peters, Stephen R. pete@illinois.edu 450 Wohlers Hall (217) 265-0276 Lecturer of Finance
Peterson, Paul E. pepeters@illinois.edu 452 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-5718 Clinical Professor of Finance
Petry, Joseph jpetry@illinois.edu 116 David Kinley Hall Clinical Professor of Economics and Finance
Pollet, Joshua M. pollet@illinois.edu 4028 BIF (217) 300-1961 Associate Professor of Finance and Seass Faculty Fellow
Raskie, Sterling raskie@illinois.edu 432 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-2239 Lecturer of Finance
Reif, Julian jreif@illinois.edu 4036 BIF (217) 300-0169 Assistant Professor of Finance
Reitz, Philip reitzp@illinois.edu Instructor of Finance
Sholem, Daniel R. dsholem@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall (217) 352-8700 Adjunct Lecturer of Finance
Sianis, Sofia G. sianis@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall Adjunct Instructor
Silva, Dejanir dejanir@illinois.edu Assistant Professor of Finance
Sinow, David dsinow@illinois.edu 414 Wohlers Hall (217) 265-4083 Clinical Professor
Smith, Mark K. smithmk@illinois.edu 309 Wohlers Hall Lecturer of Finance
Spencer, Xiangyi xxie2@illinois.edu 109 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-0892 Lecturer of Finance
Tchistyi, Alexei tchistyi@illinois.edu 461 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-3821 Associate Professor of Finance
Trembacki, Mark D. mtrembac@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-2239 Adjunct Instructor of Finance
Vonnahme, Mark mvonnahm@illinois.edu 106 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-0350 Clinical Professor of Finance
Wang, Jialan jialanw@illinois.edu 470D Wohlers Hall Assistant Professor of Finance
Waspi, CFA, Kevin G. waspi@illinois.edu 70C Wohlers Hall (217) 244-7189 Lecturer of Finance
Weisbenner, Scott weisbenn@illinois.edu 4031 BIF (217) 333-0872 Professor of Finance and Karnes Professorship
Whitford, David docwhit@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers Hall Associate Professor Emeritus
Widdicks, Martin widdicks@illinois.edu 330 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-6856 Sr Lecturer of Finance
Wu, Yufeng yufengwu@illinois.edu 315 Wohlers Hall (217) 265-0422 Assistant Professor
Xuan, Yuhai yhxuan@illinois.edu 4039 BIF (217) 300-3689 Associate Professor of Finance and Robert and Karen May Faculty Fellowship
Yang, Xi xiyang@illinois.edu 340 Wohlers hall Lecturer of Finance
Ye, Mao maoye@illinois.edu 343K Wohlers Hall (217) 244-0474 Assistant Professor of Finance