What Accy courses do you recommend for Finance majors?
The Department of Finance recommends that Finance majors take 15 or more hours of Accountancy; this, combined with the strong Finance background achieved by our majors, is attractive to many employers. Required courses for Finance majors remain Accy 201 and 202.

  • The Accountancy Department usually sets aside some seats for a restricted set of majors (including Finance) starting with the first day of registration.
  • For those interested in financial reporting, we suggest Accy 301 as the next course of choice; should you wish to take additional courses beyond Accy 301, we would recommend Accy 303.
  • For those interested in managerial control and decision making, we would recommend Accy 301 and Accy 302, followed by Accy 304, followed by Accy 312. The Accountancy Department recommends that Accy 301 and 302 be taken concurrently. Further information is available at
Can I minor in Business?
The Business minor is designed for non College of Business students who wish to acquire some of the skills, perspective, and knowledge used in business. Comprised of 6 courses and 2 prerequisites, the business minor will expose students to Microeconomics, Statistics, Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and Corporate Finance. Declared minors have precedence over undeclared minors for registration in Fin 221. See 
I've completed my Finance requirements. Should I take additional Finance courses as Credit/No Credit?
Taking a course in your major Credit/No Credit is not a good idea. Being a rational being with competing demands on your time, you will find yourself sloughing off the course, even if you start out with the best of intentions. Finance does not allow courses to be taken credit/no credit.
I am not a Finance major, but I want to take some Finance courses. What can I do?
Some Finance courses will have space left when they open to more general registration, some will not. Check the dates and restrictions on our registration page.
I am interested in a dual degree in the College of Business. What should I do?
If you are currently a student in the College of Business, please refer to the information on the Dual Degree program from Undergraduate Affairs.

If you are not a student in the College of Business, please contact Admissions.

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If you have any intention – even a vague one – of aspiring to a degree in Finance, you should make an appointment with the Finance Department Advisors as soon as possible and again every semester before you begin registering for courses.

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Nicole Del Mastro-Jeffery, M. Ed.
Department of Finance Advisor
1055 Business Instructional Facility
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