Faculty Profiles

A Message from Dean Brown Regarding Faculty Profiles

It is with great pride that the college presents this compendium of brief faculty vitae. It is the faculty who deliver the teaching, research, and service that are at the heart of the university’s mission. As you read through these online summaries, I think that you will join me in being impressed, not only with the depth and variety of the backgrounds of our faculty, but also with the breadth and significance of their contributions

These summary data will help you become better acquainted with the wealth of knowledge and talent that our faculty possess. We are here to serve the students and the citizens of the state of Illinois. I invite you to establish direct contact with any of the faculty listed herein with whom you may wish to explore shared business or government interest. There are many opportunities for productive partnerships between the college and its faculty and other organizations in the state and nation.

Because the University of Illinois is a research institution, scholarship shares equal prominence with teaching. And because we are a public university, service too, is important. Our faculty contribute in all three areas; the mix and extent of activity varies with time and circumstances. Teaching responsibilities often extend beyond the classroom. Our faculty are expected to, and do, make regular contributions to the literature and to the advancement of knowledge. And our faculty participate in campus affairs, in academic and professional organizations, and often play a role in the community.

All these activities are chronicled in the web entries that follow.
– Dean Jeffrey R. Brown, College of Business