Role of eLearning Office in Faculty Support

Our office’s mission is to introduce and develop the use of educational technologies to enhance business education, by training and empowering faculty to feel confident in incorporating technology in their teaching practice. For that purpose we provide support based on the instructor’s experience in online or blended learning, and we identify instructors within one of the following categories:


    Instructors are assisted to set up their first online or blended course and are guided to create pedagogically sound course design, interactive learning activities, and software or hardware information. One of the members of our staff will be assigned to work closely with the instructor as a resource and support for the whole first semester.

    ELEARNING OFFICE ROLE: Consultant, designer, developer, assistant in implementation and evaluator.


    The second and consecutive times when the same course is offered, the focus of the training turns to the development of course management skills, so that the instructor becomes less dependent on support for ordinary activities in the online environment, such creating spaces within the course, tracking students activities in Compass, modifying test settings, or the sort. In this second phase, the eLearning specialist remains as a coach/ resource or technical support, and the instructor takes more responsibility for the management of the course, consulting with the elearning specialist when something out of the ordinary would happen.

    ELEARNING OFFICE ROLE: Consultant, coach, assistant in implementation and evaluator.


    When the instructor has taught three or more semesters online, he/she is considered an Associate Instructor in the business of eLearning. We partner with the instructor in research activities, in coaching new instructors, and in the exploration of new ways to improve or enhance business teaching, at the same time that we maintain our role as a resource and technical support.

    ELEARNING OFFICE ROLE: Consultant, coach and evaluator.