Students. Giving Back. Moving Forward.

Who we are

LEGACY is a student-led group of ambassadors who promote the importance of giving back to the ILLINOIS College of Business through events and awareness activities.

College of Business Mom's Brunch 2015 014


LEGACY is all about our students. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business Students. Our organization is run by our own students, supported the College of Business and its student body. Simply, an organization by our students for our students.

Giving Back.

LEGACY is the College’s student philanthropy group. Our focus is to promote giving back to the College of Business while also building pride and excitement for being its student body. We do this through various activities, events and awareness campaigns.


Moving Forward.

Our efforts have one ultimate goal: to excite our students so much about the College of Business that they will never forget about us! We look to educate our students about the importance of giving back and allow them to do so while still in college with the hope that after graduation they will continue to contribute to the future of Business Illini.This is how we leave our LEGACY.