David Kinley Society

David Kinley was a highly regarded educator, economist, and administrator whose goal was always “to teach how to achieve personal business success. . . resulting in better business, bigger business, larger-minded business professionals, and a more prosperous and better-ordered community life.” The curriculum he developed and managed from 1902 to 1915 laid a foundation for what became the University of Illinois College of Business. Today his ideals and leadership still resonate in our students’ education.

Named in his honor and dedicated to his memory, the David Kinley Society recognizes those individuals who share Kinley’s devotion to the University of Illinois and his commitment to a world-class business education.

Giving levels for David Kinley Society members are based on personal contributions plus any corporate matching funds. Donors of $25,000 or more are also eligible for membership in the University of Illinois Foundation’s Presidents Council.

Membership in the David Kinley Society is based on annual financial commitments of at least $2,500 to the College of Business. Giving levels based on personal contributions plus any corporate matching funds place you in a special group that receives College-wide recognition in our publications and invitations to significant events. Society members also participate fully as members of the ILLINOIS Foundation Chancellor’s Circle.

Principle Investor $10,000 and up

Your leadership gift to the Annual Fund immediately impacts everything we do—from curriculum development and research financial aid and instructional technology. Principle Investors may provide support for scholarships and fellowships that encourage students with great potential to attend ILLINOIS.

Lead Investor $5,000 to $9,999

The Annual fund supports continuing education opportunities for alumni, including roundtable discussions in Chicago and other innovative initiatives that bring leaders together. Lead investors may help make faculty research possible. Our professors are renowned scholars whose research is published in leading journals and business publications around the world.

Investor $2,500 to $4,999

Investors may support priceless study abroad experiences for students in the College, typically costing $3,500 per student.