How You Can Give

What type of gift fits your lifestyle today?  Are you ready to leave a legacy?

Annual Fund Gift

Annual funds are a type of current gift that provide an important source of operational revenue. They are usually used in the year they are received, making an immediate impact on the lives of current students and faculty.

Current Gifts

Also known as “outright gifts”, current gifts provide immediate financial benefits to the University.

Student Support

Donations supporting need- and merit-based scholarships enrich the University of Illinois by attracting outstanding students with diverse talents and experiences.

Faculty Support

Professorships allow the University to build a thriving intellectual community by attracting promising scholars from around the world early in their careers.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that supplement their employees’ charitable donations.

Memorial/Tribute Gifts

Commemorative gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or memorialize a loved one while supporting a cause you believe in.


An endowment is a self-renewing resource that the University holds in perpetuity (forever) and does not spend. Instead, endowed gifts are invested.

Gift Planning

The Gift Planning section of the University of Illinois Foundation’s website is designed to help you evaluate your options with regard to how and what you donate. learn more »