College Mission & Objectives

The actions suggested in this document are guided by the College’s mission, which is comprised of four interdependent and complementary activities. To excel in any one of these, it is necessary to excel in all.

The mission of the College is to:

  • Play a leading role in the development of ideas that shape the worlds of business and management;
  • Prepare future leaders of business, education, and public service around the world by delivering the highest quality education to a large and diverse group of graduate and undergraduate students as well as to practicing executives;
  • Maintain an enduring, mutually enriching and intellectually stimulating relationship with our distinguished alumni and with the community of leading management practitioners around the world; and
  • Contribute to the economic growth of the State of Illinois, the nation, and the world.

Such a mission is not unique to our College but rather is shared with many of our peer institutions. If we are to achieve the preeminence we seek, we must fulfill this mission in a manner that is different from and superior to those of other institutions. In broad terms, this means our goal must be to create distinctive programs and deliver them with distinction.

Our strategy must consider those distinctive institutional attributes that can, individually and collectively, serve as the foundation for the future and attract the constituencies (students, faculty, alumni, the University, and the business community) that are vital to the realization of the College’s goals. Wide-ranging discussions with all of the College’s major constituencies indicate a strong degree of consensus regarding its distinguishing strengths. Chief among them are:

  • The quality of the College’s faculty and their contributions to advancing knowledge and educational programs in different business disciplines;
  • A legacy of attracting a remarkably talented and diverse set of students;
  • A large and distinguished group of alumni providing an invaluable source of intellectual and financial support; and
  • The reputation and intellectual resources of its parent institution, UIUC.

Objectives for an Agenda of Excellence

The efforts of the past have resulted in a strong foundation for the College. The College must continue to enhance its current strengths as well as build new areas of excellence. It must select a coherent, consistent set of objectives and actions that will allow it to adapt to a dynamic and highly competitive environment. The steps needed to fully realize the College’s potential could be usefully grouped into six Strategic Imperatives:

  • Enhance ability to attract the best students and faculty
  • Create a distinctive technology, entrepreneurial and global focus
  • Expand professional graduate programs
  • Better engage with external audiences
  • Improve physical and technological infrastructure
  • Generate greater financial resources