Corporate Partner Investment Opportunities

Corporate Partner support and participation impacts each element of the educational process:

Superior Students

Our ability to attract and recruit the best and the brightest in a highly competitive market is assisted by the funding of:

Superior Faculty

Our ability to attract and recruit the best and the brightest in a highly competitive market is assisted by the funding of:

Relevant, Innovative Courses and Curricula

The continued development of relevant, innovative courses of study is assisted by the funding of:


The funding of research generates new knowledge, is the lifeblood of an innovative faculty, brings innovation to the classroom, and helps form the academic direction of the college.

Facilities and the Technology Infrastructure

Today, the most effective learning models for business education involve teams of students solving project-based problems. Funding of classroom renovations and the updating of our technology infrastructure enable this type of interaction.

Knowledge Delivery

Funding of our Instructional Resource Center provides faculty with an opportunity to study new educational technologies and teaching methods.

Student Involvement and Interactions

A student’s educational experience is enriched by the funding of:

Interaction with Practitioners

A student’s learning experience is enriched by opportunities to interact with executives in real world situations, including:


The “unrestricted” funding of the Dean’s Excellence Fund allows the Dean to address time-urgent issues critical to the College of Business.