New Business Students

One of the most important things to do as an incoming Business student is to use Handshake.  You’ll use this system frequently in your first weeks on campus.

Students new to the College of Business will  be required to attend the B101 Resume Reviews within the first few weeks of the fall semester to have an employer review your resume. Uploading your resume into Handshake and attending the Resume Reviews are basically the first required assignments for the BUSINESS 101 course. Failure to upload your resume will result in incomplete assignments, and missing information regarding your Career Fair assignment, Job Shadow application deadlines, and other new business student events.


Step One: First-time User on Handshake

  1. Go to the Handshake login page.
  2. Enter your University of Illinois email address into the Username field. (Example:
  3. Enter your same University of Illinois email address into the Password field. Make sure to include
  4. Click on the Profile blue tab at the top of your screen. Click on the grey Edit button located to the right of the Personal section.
    • Complete all fields.
    • Uploading a picture is optional – it is only viewed by Business Career Services staff so we can better remember you.
    • Under Permanent Email, please enter a personal email address other than your address.
    • Under Phone Number, please enter your mobile phone number while here on campus.
    • Click Save Changes and Continue.
  5. You should now be redirected to the Academic section of your profile. If you are not, click on Academic under the Profile tab located to the right of the Personal tab.
    • Complete all fields.
    • Please verify that your degree level (Bachelor) and Graduation Date are correct. If they are not, email
    • Click Save Changes and Continue.
  6. You should now be redirected to the Privacy section of your profile. If you are not, click on Privacy under the Profile tab located to the right of the Academic tab.
    • Review the Handshake Agreement available on the link provided and check the box marked Agree.
    • Select Yes for the remaining criteria in order to receive full access to Handshake.
    • Click Save Changes and Continue.
  7. You should now be redirected to the Password/Preferences section of your profile. If you are not, click on the blue tab labeled Profile, then the grey Edit button at the right of the Personal section, and then Password/Preferences.
    • Enter your full Illinois email address with into the Old Password field. Then create a new password and fill in the remaining fields.
    • Click Submit.


Step Two: Create Your One-Page Resume

Freshman resumes are only one-page in length and should highlight your educational background; high school accomplishments, honors, activities and leadership; as well as paid and unpaid jobs and community involvement. Current college student resumes should be one-page long and should highlight their intended major; professional skills; college student organization membership and leadership; paid and unpaid jobs and any volunteer experience. After your freshman year, there should be no trace of high school activities.

View the BCS Career Search Guide and follow the instructions on creating your Resume Worksheet, keeping a  consistent format, using strong action verbs, and reviewing “before” and “after” resumes. The resume section begins on Page 12. Remember: your resume should be one-page only. See Page 19 for sample new student resumes and Page 15 for strong verbs.



Step Three: Uploading Your Resume

  1. Click on the Documents blue tab at the top of your screen on Handshake.
  2. Click on the Add New button and follow the instructions. When uploading your document, please label it as:
    “First Resume-LastName_FirstInitial”
    (Example: First Resume-Chen_A if your name is Andrew Chen)


What’s Next?

Business Career Services will send you more information on using Handshake. Soon you’ll be able to view company events and student workshops. If you have any questions on Business Career Services, contact us at