How do I schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor?
Do you take walk-in appointments?
Do I have an assigned advisor?
What if my usual advisor isn't available?
Can business minors meet with an adviser?
How long are resume critiques and mock interviews?
How do I schedule a mock interview?
Do you provide recruiter contact information?



How do I prepare for an interview with a company?
When will I be notified that I was accepted for a second round interview with an employer?
What should I expect at the office visit?
What do I do about interview conflicts, including second round office visits?
Can I cancel an interview?


Where are the interview rooms?
Where is the lost and found?
Where do I check in for an interview?
Can I use an interview room for a phone interview?


Why can't I sign into Handshake?
What do I do if a job posting on Handshake seems fraudulent?
What should I enter as my graduation date if I am an undergrad planning to pursue a masters degree?


What should I wear?
What do I need to bring with me when attending the Career Fair?


How do I find out more about work visas?
Do international students need a social security number to work?


Am I limited to job shadows in my hometown?
Can I do more than one job shadow?
Why do I need to apply to 10-15 different job shadow postings?
When can I start applying?
Do I need to interview for job shadow opportunities?


What do I wear to BCS events?
I received a full time job/internship offer! What now?
I've received an offer with a company, but after some research, there seems to be scams associated with the company. What should I do?
Where do I get my transcript?
How can I get one of those Interview Survival card decks?
Where can I order student business cards?
Who do I talk to if I have questions about BUS 299 or getting credit for an internship?
Do you have information and statistics on jobs (job placement, average salary, etc.)?
Should I write a different cover letter if I am applying to multiple positions with the same company or will one letter work?