How do I schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor?
You can schedule advising appointments through Handshake. When you log in, you should see a button under the “Shortcuts” menu on the right side that is labeled, “Request a Career Advising Appointment.” Please note that you can only make appointments through the system 24 hours in advance. If you have a more urgent need, please call our office at (217) 333-2840 or stop by drop-in advising, 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Once you schedule an appointment, you can view or cancel existing appointments in the “Calendar” tab of your Handshake account.

Do you take walk-in appointments?
Yes, as long as it is not for a mock interview. Scheduled walk-in times are Monday through Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm.
Do I have an assigned advisor?
No. All undergraduate students can see any undergraduate advisor. It is recommended that once you see an advisor, you continue seeing the same advisor so they are aware of your circumstances.
What if my usual advisor isn't available?
While it is preferred that you meet with your assigned advisor, they may not always be available. You are free to meet with another advisor or one of our graduate advisors if you are looking for a second opinion. These appointments must be made through Handshake.
Can business minors meet with an adviser?
No, we only serve students that are majoring in the College of Business. Business minors can receive career services through their respective colleges or through the campus Career Center on Wright Street.
How long are resume critiques and mock interviews?
Résumé critiques normally take around 15-20 minutes but allow 30 minutes just in case. Mock interviews typically take 30 minutes including time for feedback and debriefing.
How do I schedule a mock interview?
You can schedule a mock interview through Handshake (See “How do I schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor?” above). You will need to do this at least 24 hours in advance and provide the company name and job title (if you are preparing for a specific interview) in the “notes” section when scheduling the appointment.
Do you provide recruiter contact information?
In order to protect our relationships with employers, we do not give out recruiter contact information unless we are specifically given permission to do so. However, some recruiters opt to have their contact information listed in Handshake.



How do I prepare for an interview with a company?

Read the “Interviews” section of the Career Search Guide, research the company using our resources, and schedule a mock interview with your advisor or any of our graduate advisors.

When will I be notified that I was accepted for a second round interview with an employer?

It depends on the company as every company has its own timeline for recruiting. Typically, you will want to ask your interviewer at the end of your first round interview when you can expect a decision.

What should I expect at the office visit?

Generally, office visits will consist of a series of interviews, meetings, and social events (usually a lunch or dinner with company representatives). Depending on the company, interviews may be individual and/or group, behavioral and/or case. You will typically be given an itinerary when invited for a second round interview or an office visit. Your BCS advisor can give you additional insights on how to prepare for these opportunities.

What do I do about interview conflicts, including second round office visits?

In general, you should not have this problem for first round interviews since you are typically able to select your interview time. For second round interviews and/or office visits, you should check to see if there are any alternative dates offered by the company. BCS can provide recruiter contact information as needed. If rescheduling the second round interview proves impossible, make an appointment with a BCS advisor to discuss options specific to your situation.

Can I cancel an interview?

If you scheduled the interview through Handshake and the sign-up period has not closed yet, you can cancel the interview by going to the “My Interviews” section of Handshake. If the sign-up period has closed, you will need to speak to your advisor before you cancel. Please be aware of our Handshake Agreement (located in the Document Library of your Handshake account) and be sure to follow all suggested guidelines.


Where are the interview rooms?

If you have an interview in BIF, you will always want to check in at 1033 BIF. Most interviews are held in the 1035 suite, but other rooms around the building are occasionally used. Check your Handshake account to verify the location of your interview.

Where is the lost and found?

Lost and found is located in 1055 BIF, the Undergraduate Affairs office.

Where do I check in for an interview?

1033 BIF

Can I use an interview room for a phone interview?

Only College of Business students can use our interview rooms for phone/video interviews. Requests must be made using this form at least 24 hours in advance or they will not be considered. Please know that space is limited during recruiting season and we may not be able to fulfill your request. Interview rooms CANNOT be reserved for group projects or team meetings.


Why can't I sign into Handshake?
There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. Your account has been blocked or disabled. This could be because you have accepted a job offer, violated terms of the Handshake Agreement, or have not met resume and/or mock interview requirements. Speak to your advisor regarding your particular situation.
  2. Your account has been “soft blocked.” This happens when you have not used your account for an extended period of time. All you need to do in this case is use the “Forgot Password” button on the login page.
  3. You are not on the right site. There are several career services offices on campus that use the same system as we do and you may have accidentally ended up at one of their sites. Make sure you are on Handshake.

If none of the above applies to you, make note of the error message you receive and contact us.

What do I do if a job posting on Handshake seems fraudulent?

While we do our best to monitor and verify the jobs posted on our system, it is impossible to be 100% accurate since we share the job board with other campus offices. If you come across a posting that seems illegitimate in any way, please notify our office right away and we will investigate.

What should I enter as my graduation date if I am an undergrad planning to pursue a masters degree?
Your graduation date in Handshake should be the date you are eligible for full-time employment. For example, if you are receiving your bachelors degree in May 2017, but are planning to stay for the MAS degree, you should list May 2018 as your graduation date in your Handshake profile. This should also be noted on your resume.


What should I wear?

BCS strongly recommends business professional attire when attending the Business Career Fair.

What do I need to bring with me when attending the Career Fair?

Your I-Card, a portfolio/padfolio with multiple copies of your resume, pen and paper for taking notes, and your best elevator pitch!


How do I find out more about work visas?

Speak with your advisor or visit the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office.

Do international students need a social security number to work?

Yes. All paid positions in the US require a social security number. To find out how to apply for one, speak with your advisor or visit the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office.


Am I limited to job shadows in my hometown?

No, you may indicate other locations as your preference. However, you are responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses incurred.

Can I do more than one job shadow?

BCS will only provide one job shadow and you are obligated to fulfill any matches made through our system. You are free to pursue additional job shadows but must arrange them on your own.

Why do I need to apply to 10-15 different job shadow postings?
The matching process is competitive and applying to 10-15 postings maximizes your chances of getting one of the companies you want.
When can I start applying?
Applications typically open in late October. You should check your email around this time for more information, or stop by BCS and ask an advisor.
Do I need to interview for job shadow opportunities?
No, but you will want to make sure your resume has been reviewed before you begin applying.


What do I wear to BCS events?

For job interviews, mock interviews, and resume critiques with employers, business professional attire is appropriate. Business casual is appropriate for employer information sessions and workshops/events hosted by employers.

I received a full time job/internship offer! What now?

Congratulations! First, stop in and complete a placement survey. Include all information about any offers that you have received. We keep your information completely confidential and use it for statistical purposes only. Second, make an appointment with your advisor to evaluate the offer and if applicable, discuss negotiation strategies. If you accept the offer, make sure you decline/cancel any pending interviews and come in to our office so we can take your picture!

If you are an international student, you may need to apply for the appropriate work visa. H1B applications are handled by your employer, but OPT and CPT applications must be submitted through the university. Speak with your advisor for more details.

If you have concerns about the acceptance deadline you have been given or have any other issues with the offer, consult your advisor. Be aware of the Recruiting Principles and Guidelines we ask employers to abide by.

I've received an offer with a company, but after some research, there seems to be scams associated with the company. What should I do?

Make sure you do not provide the company with any personal information and notify your advisor as soon as possible.

Where do I get my transcript?

You can view an unofficial transcript via a DARS report or order an official transcript through the Office of the Registrar.

How can I get one of those Interview Survival card decks?

You can request one of these after you have completed a mock interview.

Where can I order student business cards?

The Facilities & Services Printing Department on campus provides this service for a fee.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about BUS 299 or getting credit for an internship?

Jeff Headtke in the Business Administration department can help you.

Do you have information and statistics on jobs (job placement, average salary, etc.)?
Yes, you can view our full Employment Profile in the “Statistics” section of our website.
Should I write a different cover letter if I am applying to multiple positions with the same company or will one letter work?
A proper cover letter should be tailored specifically to each company and position you apply to.