New Students

Congratulations on your admission to a College of Business graduate program at ILLINOIS!

As a student in a Master of Science degree program, it is critical that you begin your job search as soon as possible. Both domestic and international students find the job search process to be time-consuming and complex, so it is important to work closely with Business Career Services in order to have the best chance of securing a summer internship (for students continuing classes in the fall) or full-time job before graduation. Recruiters are on campus early in the fall semester, which means you will need to engage in your job search even while still adjusting to your classes.

While some students receive on-campus interview invitations, most graduate students will need to learn to develop an effective independent job search strategy. That is why the Business Career Services team starts working with you not only when the semester begins, but before you arrive on campus. If you have already committed to a position that will begin after graduation and you will not be conducting a job search, please inform Business Career Services of your status.

Use the tabs below to navigate what you need to do before you arrive on campus. If you have questions,email


Pre-Arrival InformationDevelop Your ResumeWhat to Expect When You Arrive

Business Career Services has developed a “Pre-Arrival To Do List” so you know what you need to complete before coming to campus. For students starting in Summer, please complete the tasks before the end of May. For those starting in Fall, please complete it by early August.

Pre-Arrival To Do List

  • Browse through our Business Career Services website and watch the introductory videos:
  • For those who cannot access YouTube videos, please use the following links instead:
  • Draft your resume in our Business Career Services format. Please go to the “Develop Your Resume” tab to access our resume templates and to learn tips on how to write a resume.
  • Save your resume as “Last (Family) Name, First (Given Name) _ Resume” (e.g. “Wong, Anita_Resume”).
  • Complete the Business Career Services “Pre-Arrival Career Survey”. Note: There will be a question on the survey which will ask you to upload your revised resume. Please click here to begin the survey.
  • Shop for and/or pack professional business attire (e.g. suit, dress shirts, shoes, etc.) which is required for interviews (as the selection and sizes in the U.S. stores may vary).
  • In addition, be sure to review our Vocabulary List of Common Terms in order to familiarize yourself with career services lingo.

When you’re done watching the videos, click the “Develop Your Resume” tab to start working on your job search materials!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Your resume is one of the most important things you may ever write. It’s a one page document that summarizes and “sells” your knowledge, skills and abilities, and is used to gain an interview for employment. Many times, it is the initial impression that a prospective employer or recruiter may have of you—so you want to make sure that your resume illustrates that you have the skill set the employer is looking for. You will review and revise your resume throughout your career.

As part of the “Pre-Arrival To Do List”, you will need to format your resume using one of our Business Career Services resume templates. Please submit your revised resume by clicking the Business Career Services Career Survey.


Recruiters will be on campus in August to begin meeting students to hire — for both internships and full-time positions. Students who have unrestricted work authorization outside the U.S. are strongly encouraged to pursue career opportunities in that country, starting in August, as high-profile companies recruit top talent studying in the U.S. during the same period of time. You need to be ready to compete for all these opportunities!   Here’s how you will engage with Business Career Services, so you are a standout candidate in the Fall recruiting events:

  • Attend weekly workshops on topics including:
    • Conducting an Effective Job Search
    • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • Identifying your Personal Strengths
    • Personal Branding, including Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Interviewing
    • How to Build Relationships and Network
  • Meet with your career services adviser to:
    • Review and revise your Resume
    • Polish your LinkedIn Profile
    • Practice and Perfect your Interviewing Skills
    • Plan out your career search strategy

Business Career Services understands that you will have a demanding academic load and busy schedule. We also know that those students who start their career search very early and regularly devote time to their career searches are most likely to reach their career goals.  We cannot stress enough the importance of taking advantage of our programs and services immediately upon arrival to prepare for your successful career search.  We look forward to seeing you at our workshops and events!

Business Career Services support for students’ career searches continues throughout the year!