Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Interview rooms are available in BIF all year. Through Handshake, you can request space then follow your OCI from beginning to end including tracking student resume submission, viewing resumes online, hand-selecting students you wish to interview, and monitoring schedule sign-ups.

Each fall and spring semester, two-day Career Fairs draw hundreds of companies and thousands of students, offering an ideal way to build your company’s brand on campus and meet potential candidates.

As part of the unique Business 101 required course for first-year students, the annual Resume Reviews offers you access to nearly 900 students. While you provide feedback on their resumes, you can also educate them one-on-one about your organization, pre-identifying students for summer intern/leadership programs.

Workshops offered each semester provide an opportunity for you to instruct student participants on a variety of job-search topics. In the fall, panelists representing various industries in Forums provide first-hand information on career opportunities and entry requirements within their industry.

Contact the Career Services Corporate Engagement Team to discuss your on-campus recruiting needs.