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Corporate Engagement offers the most comprehensive opportunities for you to connect with outstanding students in every program, on our campus, on your corporate site and online. Partnering with student organizations, we provide complete support—no need or request is overlooked. Any time you require assistance just contact your Recruiting Specialist for unmatched service.

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On Campus Recruiting is available each fall and spring semester. Through Handshake, you can follow your OCR from beginning to end including tracking student resume submission, viewing resumes online, hand-selecting students you wish to interview, and monitoring schedule sign-ups.

Each fall and spring semester, two-day Career Fairs draw hundreds of companies and thousands of students, offering an ideal way to build your company’s brand on campus and pre-screen potential candidates through exercises such as Mock Interviews.

As part of the unique Business 101 required course for freshman, the annual Resume Bonanza offers you access to nearly 650 students. While you critique their resumes, you can also educate them one-on-one about your organization, pre-identifying students for summer intern/leadership programs.

Students who attend your Company Presentation are more knowledgeable about the company, so more subsequent interview time can be spent assessing their qualifications and interests. Contact your Recruiting Specialist to set up your presentation.

Workshops offered each semester provide an opportunity for you to instruct student participants on a variety of job-search topics. In the fall, panelists representing various industries in Forums provide first-hand information on career opportunities and entry requirements within their industry. Contact your Recruiting Specialist to position your company on campus using these unique tools.

Internships bring students on site and can benefit your business in a variety of ways including:

  • cost-effective means of recruiting and evaluating potential employees
  • flexible addition to your work force without a long-term commitment
  • temporary staffing solution for temporary or seasonal positions and projects
  • freedom for professional staff to pursue special projects or to obtain supervisory experience by overseeing an intern

Post your internship or contact your Recruiting Specialist for more information on building an internship program.

Practicums, such as those offered to Masters of Finance students, are opportunities to engage with and evaluate students who work on two-person teams tackling short-term projects at your company’s location. These two-week projects take place in January, just prior to the start of the spring term and are structured so that a finished project is delivered to the sponsor at the end of the practicum.

In the fall semester, student applicants bid on their top project choices and a committee of faculty and staff match applicants with projects based on a variety of factors such as academic progress, work experience, faculty recommendations, and personal interviews. By mid-November, companies notify applicants of their practicum assignment. Contact your Recruiting Specialist to find out how to develop a Practicum program.

The Job Shadow Program, during winter break, is a one-day opportunity to give Illinois Business freshmen, sophomores, and grad students an up-close look at a company or industry by “shadowing” professionals through a normal day on the job. Our Corporate Engagement team prepares students by assisting with resume production, introducing them to past Job Shadow participants, and through training sessions. Your Recruiting Specialist can answer questions and provide assistance in developing your Job Shadow program.

Post opportunities to the Handshake Job Board to access top business students at no cost and with no obligation to interview on campus.  Learn more about writing great job postings.

Source candidates through Electronic Resume Books found on Handshake. Contact your Recruiting Specialist for assistance in creating a custom made resume book to meet your specific staffing needs.