Area Specific Elective Courses

Choose one course from the following list of courses relating to the study of the European Union or other customs unions or the economy, politics or sociology of a specific nation state or geographical region.


ACE 254 Economic Systems in Africa
ACE 454 Econ Dev of Tropical Africa
ANTH 286 Southeast Asian Civilizations
EALC 365 Contemporary Korean Society
ECON 452* The Latin American Economies
FR 485  Commercial & Econ French I
FR 486 Commercial & Econ French II
GER 320 German for Business
GER 321 German for Economics
ITAL 380 Ital Business & Profess
PS 242 Introduction to Modern Africa
PS 341* Gov & Pol in Africa
PS 343* Gov & Pol of China
PS 345* Gov & Pol of SE Asia
PS 346* Gov & Pol of South Asia
PS 347* Gov & Pol of Middle East
PS 353* Gov & Pol of Latin America
PS 385* Politics of the European Union
REES 201 Introduction to Eastern Europe
SPAN 202 Spanish for Business


* Course may have enrollment restrictions prior to the beginning of the term.