Doctoral Program

Welcome to the Doctoral Program within the Department of Business Administration. The objective of the Ph.D. in Business Administration is to provide our doctoral students with the necessary skills to identify and research complex issues within the field of management. Our doctoral program is founded on: Research Excellence; Student Initiative; and building Student/Professor Partnerships.

Research Excellence

The Department of Business Administration is committed to the development of highly qualified researchers trained in the latest research methodology and producing original work.

Student Initiative

The program fosters independent, creative work on the part of its doctoral students. Students are encouraged to determine their own direction under the guidance of their advisory and thesis committees.

Student/Professor Contact

The Department of Business Administration encourages close, personal contact between faculty and students. Small-sized classes and the committee format provide doctoral students with many opportunities to exchange ideas with professors. A high professor/student ratio ensures that professors can devote substantial time and attention to student development.