Masters Programs

Provided below are brief descriptions of graduate programs offered by the Department of Business Administration.

Master of Science in Business Administration in International Management

The mission of the MSBA program is to provide a high quality business education to those who strive to become leaders in business, government, and education. The MSBA program is committed to academic excellence, maintaining a collaborative learning environment, providing high quality student service, and developing lifelong learning skills.

Masters of Science in Technology Management (MSTM)

The Technology Management Program is a curriculum specifically designed for current and future business leaders. This MS degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Technology Management, illustrates the merging of business and technology in all industries and provides graduates the critical skills for future success.

It equips students with the confidence and the competence to initiate, to anticipate, and to respond to the fast-evolving technological advances that define today’s business landscape. This 12-month program’s intensive and focused approach to management education tailors and complements its coverage of core business principles to address the technological issues and challenges inherent in managing any company or organization.

Graduate Minor in Information Technology (IT) & Control

Students with expertise in this minor area, which is about how to manage companies more effectively with information technology, are increasingly being valued in corporations and the marketplace. The graduate minor in IT and Control is designed to allow business students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills through courses in Enterprise Information Technology, Information & Data Management, Decision Support, Electronic Commerce, and IT Governance.

Graduate Minor in Corporate Governance and International Business

The minor in Corporate Governance and International Business is designed to develop leaders in various business fields who understand International Business and Corporate Governance issues within the global economy.  The minor specifically covers topics such as (1) how to create value for multinational partners, employees with diverse cultural backgrounds, and shareholders by designing better organizations and corporate governance and (2) how managerial practices differ in various national/cultural contexts and why manages must be able to understand the strategic, financial, and economic implications of these differences in managing multinational corporations.  The minor will provide not only a strong foundation in the International Business and Governance area but could be tailored to fit the specific career needs of our students.