Featured Alumni

Emily S. Block, University of Alberta

Associate Professor, University of Alberta

“Studying at UIUC for a PhD in management gave me the tools and skills that prepared me for a successful academic career.  The close attention and mentorship I received has allowed me to thrive as a researcher and also provided a model through which I train others.  In my time at Illinois, I was able to work across disciplines (I/0 psychology, ILR, Sociology) that has led to my current multi-disciplinary work with development economists, environmental scientists and biologists.  My time at Illinois provided me with the foundation for using theory to tackle the world’s most challenging problems.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2009

Erik Dane, Rice University

Associate Professor, Rice University

“My professional accomplishments are byproducts of the rigorous education and training I received as a doctoral student at Illinois. I’ll always be grateful for how deeply the BA faculty invested themselves in developing our ability to conduct thoughtful and impactful research. Additionally, the vibrant, supportive culture of the program produced strong collegial relationships that will surely last a lifetime.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2007

Martin Ganco, University of Wisconsin

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin

“I greatly enjoyed my time as a doctoral student in business administration at Illinois. It was a period of unprecedented professional and personal growth. I particularly appreciated the focus of Illinois faculty on intellectual curiosity and diversity in theoretical and methodological approaches. Together with the collegial culture of the department, these attributes set the foundation of my value system as an academic.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2010

Minyoung Kim, University of Kansas

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

“Illinois was an ideal place to build a solid foundation for my life-long journey of quest for the truth. Its stimulating environment nourished me with ceaseless intellectual challenges, and caring guidance of the faculty members helped me digest them and stand on the shoulders of giants.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2012

Prasanna P. Karhade, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“The BA PhD program at Illinois was an inspiring experience. I was fortunate to interact with world-class academics who mentored me. They instilled in me the right value system to excel in the academic profession. I am thankful to all my professors at Illinois who went above and beyond to invest time in me. Now, I pay it forward and do my very best for my students.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2009

Ashok K. Lalwani, Indiana University at Bloomington

Associate Professor, Indiana University at Bloomington

“The marketing faculty members at Illinois are brilliant and hardworking – they are regular contributors to the topmost journals of marketing and allied disciplines – and at the same time are extremely devoted to their students. PhD students typically start collaborating on research projects with faculty members right in their first year, so by the time they hit the job market, they already have publications or papers under advanced review. The department is highly regarded for collegiality, and the environment is intellectually vibrant and stimulating. I strongly believe that no other PhD program could have afforded me the rigorous training I received while making the whole process so enjoyable.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2006

John Mawdsley, HEC Paris

Assistant Professor, HEC Paris

“Students who pass through the BA PhD program at Illinois are provided with all the training and resources required to succeed in building an active research and teaching career.  Throughout my time at Illinois I received close mentoring from some of the most accomplished scholars in the field, and I was supported in exploring and developing my research interests early on in the program.  The collegial culture at Illinois (as well as the array of services available on campus) provides a welcoming environment to work closely with faculty and build lasting friendships with other students, and this culture certainly helped me develop as a person as well as a scholar.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2015

Karthik Murali, University of Alabama

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

“The Illinois PhD program in Business Administration is unique in offering a flexible curriculum and exposure to multiple disciplines within the field of Business Administration. Thanks to the widely published and well respected faculty in the Department and an impressive student-faculty ratio, my PhD experience was extremely collegial and very intellectually rewarding. The program also enabled me to obtain a minor in a discipline outside the College of Business and engage in interdisciplinary research at the University.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2015

Sudha Ram, University of Arizona

Professor, University of Arizona

“The PhD program at University of Illinois trained me in diverse quantitative and technical methods and also helped me become an interdisciplinary researcher. I appreciate the mentoring I received from various professors during my PhD program including Dr. Louis Pondy and Dr. Geneva Belford.”

PhD in Business Administration, 1985

Tianqin Shi, San Jose State University

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University

“The BA PhD program at Illinois offered me the best opportunity to receive a rigorous training, to engage with a community of outstanding scholars, and to access incredible resources. Students here are challenged to think about the most pressing challenges in business management and are prepared to be exemplary teachers and researchers at institutions of higher learning. I feel very grateful to the opportunity to study in the PhD program at Illinois.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2015

Alison Jing Xu, University of Minnesota

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

“As one of the top business PhD programs in the U.S., our Business Administration program has a long history of offering solid fundamental training and personalized guidance to doctoral students. Students are encouraged to pursue their own research interests and have rich opportunities to work with world-renowned scholars. I am proud of having graduated from the Illinois PhD program in Business Administration.”

PhD in Business Administration, 2010