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The marketing program at the University of Illinois is known for its broad-based influence on marketing thought. Faculty and students conduct high-impact research on marketing issues in consumer psychology, cross-cultural consumer behavior, consumer rituals, distribution channel, product strategy, pricing strategy, marketing and financial implications, multi-person decision making, and materialism, as well as on ways to improve new product development, customer/seller relationships, and other processes central to contemporary marketing.

A PhD from Illinois prepares you to generate new knowledge through rigorous research. The PhD students in marketing enjoy a low student to faculty ratio that enables extensive collaboration and mentoring. At Illinois, students have unparalleled opportunities to interact with top researchers from across campus. Whether research interests intersect with those in engineering and process management, social cognition and psychology, anthropology and ethnographic studies, or other disciplines, Illinois boasts top-tier scholars eager to work with our doctoral students. Facilities for conducting research are up to date and extensive, including behavioral laboratories, consumer panels, and an outstanding University library system.

Recent graduates have joined the faculty at Michigan State University, Syracuse University, Loyola University, University of Minnesota, and other institutions.

Coursework & Research

The coursework is uniquely designed for each student who pursues either a Consumer Behavior (CB) track or a Modeling/Strategy track. For students who study CB, they will take classes of psychology, empirical research methods, CB research methods, persuasion theory, consumer behavior and decision making etc. For students who pursue the modeling/strategy track, they will take classes of economics, statistics, marketing models, survey design and methodology etc.

Recent dissertation titles:

  • Action and Inaction in Consumer and Social Contexts: The Effects of Prior and Ongoing Activity Levels on Decisions, Intentions and Performance
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing in Subsistence Marketplaces
  • “Going Against the Flow”: The Effects of Dynamic Orientational Metaphors on Consumer Choice and Persuasion


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Current Students

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