All Staff

Full Name Phone Title
Bear, Brooke L. Business Administrative Assoicate
Coleman, Charisse L. (217) 333-7435 Assistant Director- HR of Business Administration
Derr, Darcy L. Staff Clerk
Febus, Melinda K. (217) 300-5337 Office Support Specialist
Fulton, Brian R. Director of Administration- Business Administration
Gonzalez, Diana K. (217) 300-8484 Assoc Dir- Administration and Graduate Programs
Heid, Rebecca L. (217) 333-9396 Office Administrator
Ivanov, Anton
Mecum, Kipling P. (217) 300-2273 Business Administrative Associate
Nezami, Mehdi Postdoc Research Associate
Oh, Nahyun
Orwick, Sarah P. (217) 300-1334 Office Manager
Overmier, Stephanie R. (217) 333-4240 Office Support Associate
Smith, Julie A. (217) 300-1686
Ware, Amy (217) 244-5793 Office Manager