Operations Management

Operations Management centers on integration of technology, people, and operating procedures to execute ongoing organizational tasks. It focuses on analyses, design, and management of processes so the service or product is produced faster, at less cost, and with higher quality. Understanding and improving decision-making is emphasized, along with becoming more productive in work and life, and practicing fact-based management.


The faculty in this area conduct leading research in important areas such as Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement, Technology Management, Product Design and Development, Auction Theory, Decision Analysis, and Revenue Management. Our research regularly appears in the top journals in our fields, and our faculty members serve on the editorial boards of leading journals as well.


We offer courses for business students to learn decision-making and process analysis fundamentals. We also offer deliver advanced courses in Operations Management, Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations Management, Decision Analysis, Spreadsheet Modeling, and Simulation and Risk Management for undergraduate, MBA, and MS Technology Management students. Students majoring in this area typically find positions as strategy/operations consultants, supply chain managers, manufacturing/service operations managers, and in other mission-critical functions of an organization.

Office for Operational Excellence

The Office for Operational Excellence (OOE) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is dedicated to developing and disseminating ideas, tools, and techniques for designing, improving and managing operations. Housed in the Department of Business Administration, the OOE provides a centralized repository for information and activities related to Operational Excellence.