International Business

International Business seeks to explain how multinational corporations operate effectively in a constantly changing environment. It includes topics such as multinational management practices, the globalization of the world economy, and the study of comparative management. Given the area’s multidisciplinary focus, faculty members bring diverse perspectives with primary disciplinary orientations grounded in economics, sociology, and political science. They research and teach in a variety of disciplines, including organizational behavior, strategy, business history, and marketing.


With a strong interdisciplinary emphasis, the research agendas of International Business faculty include topics such as comparative corporate governance practices, international mergers and acquisitions, political economy of foreign direct investment, organizational design of transnational firms, and foreign research and development investments.

We publish in a variety of leading journals in strategy, organization theory, and international business including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, and the Journal of International Business.


Research conducted by International Business faculty is an integral part of the courses we teach in the undergraduate, professional, and doctorate programs. The overall mission of our courses is to develop leaders who understand the global aspects of business operations that range from international supply chain management to the governance of multinational corporations and the management of human resources in global labor markets.