Business Young Alumni Committee (BYAC)

The Business Young Alumni Committee is comprised of graduates less than 10 years post degree dedicated to serving the College of Business and its young alumni through professional programming and networking opportunities.

Membership requirements include attendance at events and regular meetings. Applications for membership are considered each summer.

The 2015 BYAC Application can be found here. For full consideration, apply by June 12, 2015.

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Alumni Representatives

Brian Acks (‘06)
CNA Insurance

Kevin Adams (‘09)
IMC Chicago

Jawwad Akhtar (‘09)
RoundTable Healthcare Partners

Dominic Altobelli (‘09)
Merrill Lynch

Beni Atibalentja (‘09)
Jump Trading LLC

Ariel Avila (‘07)
Trunk Club

Kyla Bachtell (‘10)
Prudential Capital Group

Gina Biernacki (‘13)
Baker Tilly

Eric Bill (‘08)
Lemme Insurance Goup, Inc

Lindsay Blake (‘09)
Conversant, Inc

Nick Bobich (‘06)

Elissa Boswell (‘12)

Jordan Burdinie (‘08)
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Pamela Cook (‘07, ‘08)
McDonald’s, US Controller Group

Suzanne Ekblad (‘09)
Trunk Club

Nolan Finn (‘07)

Christopher Gansauer (‘06)
Daybreak Advisors, Inc.

Gloria Gonzalez (‘09)
Conversant, Inc




Anthony Griglione (‘09, ‘10)

Leigha Haynes (‘07, ‘08)
Madison Capital Funding LLC

Adam Keefe (‘09)
Logical Media Group

Katie Keeley (‘07)
JPMorgan Chase Bank

Kelli Kluga (‘10, ‘11)
Braintree Payments

Janet Lee (‘10, ‘11)

Amanda Lerner (‘09)
United Airlines

Kelly Neroda (‘08)
Lincoln International

Drew Osika (‘11)
MB Financial Bank

Emily Rosman (‘14)
The Japan American Society of Chicago

Michael Sallander (‘09)
Chicago Digital

Ashley Sandal (‘12)
SIM Partners

Debbie Shi (‘12, ‘13)
Grant Thornton

Kyler Thomas (‘10)
Northern Trust

Peter Wielocha (‘08)
Credit Suisse

Justin Wishne (‘09)
Capital One

Caroline Yoe (‘11)
Braintree Payments



College Representatives

Paula Besson
Alumni Affairs

Amanda Brantner
Associate Director
Alumni Affairs