Funding Priorities

Our legacy is the success of our students in their business careers and the impact they make on their profession and community. The support of our alumni and friends helps to ensure that this legacy can continue to mold the future leaders in business.

Our funding priorities reflect our College initiatives.

  • Access
    Our goal is to ensure that all students who have the potential for success in our College are able to attend, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Support for student scholarships is critical to ensure that all who meet our criteria can enroll in our programs.
  • Innovation
    Supporting the research and programs of our students and faculty will provide the means for the continued innovation that takes place in this College.
  • Excellence
    An essential key to our College’s success and impact is the quality of our faculty. They are the ones whose insights can create new knowledge and spur young minds to success. Support of our faculty excellence through support of professorships and chairs enables us to build a thriving intellectual community.