“There is an energy and there is a passion and there is something that is going to happen at this university that is great.”
— Larry Gies,
October 27, 2017

The Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a place of vision and commitment. A place where dedicated faculty nurture the business leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Embracing our land grant heritage, our students, faculty, and staff live out our dual missions of research and education every day.

At the celebration recognizing the naming gift from alumnus Larry Gies, Dean Jeffrey R. Brown said, “Dreaming big is a challenge we give our students every day in this College, a challenge to swing for the fences knowing they have faculty, staff, alumni, and peers who will partner with them in achieving their dreams.”

Support from all members of our Gies College of Business family is increasingly vital to our successful achievement of our missions and fulfilling these dreams.

Join with us in the With Illinois campaign to support our programs, faculty, and students. The College has three initiatives where support is most vital:

  • Access: As the costs for a university education continue to increase, we see the dream of a College of Business education becoming more and more difficult for worthy students to attain. The generosity of our alumni and friends through the support of scholarships is vital to ensuring that gifted, driven students will continue to find a place at the Gies College of Business.
  • Innovation: Our faculty and students have proven themselves time and time again to be innovators of the highest caliber. We want to support the research endeavors of our faculty and the education programs for our students that support, teach, and build on innovation.
  • Excellence: Key to all our work is excellence—in our programs, in our students, and in our faculty. Ensuring that we have excellent faculty feeds into excellence in programs and student outcomes. We want to attract and retain the best faculty who lead students to achieve their best potential.


The generosity of our friends and alumni can have immediate impact on our students and a lasting impact on our College’s future.

As Larry Gies said at the celebration, “It’s not about me. It’s not about a name. This is about a commitment we are all making today. A commitment to create the greatest business school on earth.”

We know you share this commitment. The Gies College of Business family is one that supports and nurtures our members throughout their life and career. Please join us in creating an educational environment where students and faculty can thrive and excel. Please give today.