Visiting Scholars

The Zimmerman Center for International Education and Research in Accounting hosts a number of visiting scholars from around the world each year.  They are typically supported by scholarships from Fulbright grants, grants by their own governments, and other organizations.  Scholars participate fully in the scholarly environment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Over the years, the center has hosted over 500 international scholars.

Current Visiting Scholars (2017 – 2018)

Chen, Cheng – Yangtze University

Cheng Chen is an Associate Professor at the school of management at Yangtze University. He earned his PhD from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Chen conducts research in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). His research mission is to contribute to the mechanism and measures of governance and controls on socially responsible business behavior. In his empirical works, he studies the dimensions and measurement of the concept structural of SMEs’ social responsibility and the relationship between CSR and CFP (Corporate Financial Performance) in Chinese context. Recently, he is particularly interested in the relationship between CSR information and institutional investors’ preferences.

Chen, Zhi – Shandong Technology and Business University of China

Zhi Chen is currently an Associate Professor of Accounting at Shandong Technology and Business University of China. She received her MS degree in accounting at Jilin University of Finance and Economics of China in 2005, and received her PhD in accounting at Renmin University of China in 2012.

Dr. Chen’s teaching is mainly auditing and internal control. Her research focuses on the industry expertise auditor, including what factors will affect the enterprises to choose industry expertise auditor and what impact will industry expertise auditors have on the enterprise, especially on the quality of accounting information by individual auditors with industry experience.

Her articles have been published in core Chinese journals and won first prize of social science in Yantai City, Shandong Province in 2013. She has completed five provincial projects.

Khallaf, Ashraf—American University of Sharjah

Ashraf Khallaf is an Associate Professor at American University of Sharjah. He earned a PhD in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University, USA in 2004. He has taught in Accounting and Finance departments for more than 15 years at institutions such as Florida Atlantic University, University of Southern Indiana and American University of Sharjah (AUS). His areas of teaching interests are accounting information systems, financial accounting, managerial accounting, intermediate accounting, advanced accounting and accounting for Islamic financial institutions. His areas of research interests are capital market research, return on R&D and IT investments, corporate governance, voluntary disclosure, Islamic finance and Islamic accounting standards. Dr. Khallaf is the 2016 recipient of the best teacher award in the school of business at AUS.

He published in journals such as Journal of Information Systems, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Quarterly Journal of Finance & Accounting, International Review of Economics & Finance, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance and Accounting Forum.

Lustosa, Paulo – University of Brasilia

Paulo Lustosa is a Full Professor of Accounting at the University of Brasilia, Brazil. He completed a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1981 from Souza Marques Techinical Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and his PhD in Accounting and Controllership in 2001 from the University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paolo, Brazil. He was previously a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois during the 1999-2000 academic year.

Professor Lustosa’s research interests are in financial accounting, value relevance of accounting information and managerial accounting, interaction between corporate governance and management control systems and how this affects the social system of the firm and its performance.

Shin, Jae Yong – Seoul National University

Jae Yong Shin is currently a Samil PWC Professor of Accounting at Seoul National University. Prior to returning to his alma mater in 2010, he was an assistant professor of accounting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for 4 years. He received his undergraduate and MS degree in business administration at Seoul National University, Korea and received his PhD in accounting from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006.

Prof. Shin’s research broadly focuses on incentives in organizations: how various incentives influence individuals’ behavior and performance, how organizations design contracts and tasks to deal with incentive problems, and ultimately how the individual incentives and contracts determine the way organizations behave and perform. He is particularly interested in the role of performance targets in the design of compensation contracts for corporate executives and lower level employees.

His articles have appeared in prestigious journals in accounting and management such as The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Accounting Research, and Journal of Business Ethics. His 2006 article published in The Accounting Review won the Notable Contributions to Management Accounting Literature Award by the American Accounting Association in 2010. He was the editorial board member and now serves as editor at Journal of Management Accounting Research. He also sits on the editorial board member of Management Accounting Research.

Sun, Li – Wuhan University

Li Sun is an Assistant Professor in the School of Economics and Management at Wuhan University. She completed her B.A. in Economics from Tianjin University of Business in 1994, Master’s in Economics from Wuhan University in 1997, and PhD in Management from Wuhan University in 2008.

Professor Sun’s research has been recently published in Communication of Finance and Accounting, International Business and Accounting, the Journal of Chongqing University, and the Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics. She conducts research in tax accounting, financial statement analysis; Chinese tax policy and tax planning; corporation governance and auditing issues; culture, professional skepticism and auditor behaviors; and financial reporting and disclosure.

Wang, Lixia – Shanghai University

Lixia Wang is currently an Associate Professor of Accounting at SHU-UTS Business School, Shanghai University. He received a PhD in Accounting from Shanghai Jiaotong University of China in 2012.

Dr. Wang’s teaching courses include Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Theory, Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, Tax Law and Tax Planning, Financial Statement Analysis, Costing, Business Accounting, and Business Statistics. His research interests focus on Evaluation of Equity, Empirical Research in Accounting, Financial Research in Accounting, and Inheritance of Family Firms.

Dr. Wang has more than ten years experience as a CFO and holds career qualifications such as CIRTA, CICPA, Senior Economist, Senior Professional Accountant etc.

Zhang, Huili – Beijing Normal University

Huili Zhang is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Beijing Normal University, China. She received her undergraduate and MS degree in business administration at Shandong University, China, and received her PhD in Accounting in 2011 from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. She was awarded the National Leading (Reserve) Talents of Accounting (Academic) by the Ministry of Finance (China) in Dec. 2015.

Huili Zhang’s research interests are in accounting information and capital markets, and corporate finance. She teaches Accounting for undergraduate students and Accounting Theory for graduate students.


Previous Visiting Scholars (2008 – 2016)

Abdel-Salam Badawy, Hebatalla – Alexandria University, Egypt
Ali, Salah – Assiut University, Egypt
Changrui, Wang – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China
Chen, Ken – National Taiwan University, Taiwan
d’Arcy, Anne – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Crespi-Cladera, Rafel – Universitat de les Iles Balears, Spain
Ding, Fangfei – Hunan University, China
Du, Yong – Southwest University, China
Gonzalez, Patricia – Universidad del Valle, Columbia
He, Xin – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China
Hsieh, Yu-Ting – National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Hu, Dan – Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Japan
Hua, Wang – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China
Ignacio, Sergio – São Paulo University, Brazil
Karabinar, Selahattin – Sakarya University, Turkey
Kurek, Bartosz – Cracow University, Poland
Li, Xiang – Nanjing University, China
Lima, Gerlando – University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maeyama, Nobuyuki – Yokohama National University, Japan
Monem, Reza – Griffith University, Australia
Nam, Giseok – Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
Ruggeria, Daniela – University of Catania, Italy
Shayeb Kayem, Naji – University of Bagdad, Iraq
Tafuro, Alessandara – University of Salento, Italy
Takeda, Fumiko – University of Toyko, Japan
Tamura, Takefumi – Chuo University, Japan
Tung, Shui Liang – National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Wang, Yue – Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
Wu, Jie – Ynagtze University, China
Xiu, Zongfeng – Central South University, China
Xue, Qingmei – Nanjing University, China
Yaekura, Takashi – Hosei University, Japan
Yue, Heng – Peking University, China
Zeng, Xiaqing – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China
Zhang, Guohua – Harbin University of Commerce, China
Zhang, Haiyan – Tsinghua University, China
Zhang, Rongwu – Guandong University of Business Studies, China
Zhang, Yan – Nanjing University, China
Zhang, Yueling – Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Zhou, Lan – Hunan University, North Campus, China