VK Zimmerman Center

Illinois International Accountancy Symposia
June 16-18, 2016 * University of Rome, Italy

Professor A. Rashad Abdel-khalik, Director

The Vernon K. Zimmerman Center for International Education and Research in Accounting was originally established in 1962 as the Center for International Education and Research in Accounting (CIERA), leading the nation in the study and teaching of international topics as they relate to the field of accounting.

The Zimmerman Center serves the academic and professional communities through leadership in international accountancy, business research, and educational support. The Center coordinates an annual symposium and, in the late 1990s, began cosponsoring the symposium with prominent international accounting research and practice groups. The International Journal of Accounting, coordinated and published by the Zimmerman Center, advances scholarly and professional understanding of accounting theory and practice from an international perspective. Published by Elsevier Science Inc. and edited by Professor A. Rashad Abdel-khalik and a number of internationally known professors, the Journal encourages a broad view of the origins and development of accounting with an emphasis on its functions in an increasingly interdependent global economy and invites manuscripts that help explain current international accounting practice.

Mission Statement

The Zimmerman Center supports the vision of the College of Business: “to be a world class business school renowned for its commitment to learning and the principle of innovation, its academic leadership, the focus and quality of its programs, the impact of its research, its internationalism, and strong ties to business and community.”

The Zimmerman Center serves the academic and professional communities by providing world-class leadership in international accountancy and business research and education support. It strives to provide innovative learning experiences for faculty, students, and professionals in all aspects of scholarship, including the creation, integration, dissemination and management of accounting knowledge in the international domain.

The Zimmerman Center has set a goal to be a world-class Center for faculty, students, and visiting scholars.