KPMG LLP and the University of Illinois Research Program

Strategic-Systems Auditing Cases and Monograph

A case development and research program established to foster implementation and evolution of concepts in strategic-systems auditing (SSA). The rationale and conceptual framework for SSA are presented in the monograph entitled Auditing Organizations Through a Strategic-Systems Lens (Bell et al., 1997). This monograph suggests that knowledge of the client’s business strategy, business risks and controls, and business process performance is the cornerstone of an effective external audit in today’s hyper-dynamic global economy.

Business Measurement Research Program

The KPMG & ILLINOIS Business Measurement Research Program was announced on January 30, 2002 to support research on new measurement, reporting and assurance concepts.  All research approaches and paradigms were invited including modeling, archival, experimental and field analysis applications.  To benefit by advances in practice, and to anticipate future developments and needs, collaborative research teams involving both academic researchers and leading business and accounting professionals were given the highest funding priority for the research projects supported by this Program.  The research program had a global reach and research funding was provided to support creative and challenging projects conducted anywhere in the world.  During the program’s initial three-year term commencing in 2002, KPMG LLP pledged $2.8 million in financial support.  In addition, administrative support for the Program was provided by both KPMG LLP and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.As a relatively new program, we have had a successful inaugural period. In 2003, we received 76 proposals and funded 12 with an average award of over $80,000. In 2004, we received 31 proposals and funded 3 with an average award of over $80,000.