Faculty Mentors

The Director of the Program, in consultation with the PhD Program Committee, appoints a faculty mentor to each student during the student’s first term on campus. The faculty mentor is expected to be a source of advice and counsel throughout the student’s tenure in the program. Before a coursework advisory committee is established, the faculty mentor should

  • Ensure that the student is progressing satisfactorily and annually review such progress, submitting a summary of such review to the Director of the PhD program (using a copy of the attached PhD program advising sheet);
  • Ensure that the courses required to eliminate background deficiencies and program course requirements are taken in a timely manner;
  • Ensure that the student’s program advising sheet in his/her file is updated as needed, and approve the student’s course registration (program request form and/or change of program form) each term;
  • Guide the student to appropriate faculty for advice on coursework options, potential areas of specialization, and institutional accounting knowledge that would be appropriate given the student’s interests;
  • Advise the student with respect to his/her readiness to take the Accountancy core preliminary examination; and
  • Advise the student with respect to his/her readiness to begin advanced study, which requires that a coursework advisory committee be established.