Financial Assistance

Two principal types of financial assistance are available to Accountancy Ph.D. students. The first is a fellowship, for which no services or repayments are required. This includes University fellowships, privately endowed Departmental fellowships, and fellowships provided by public accounting firms and other organizations.

The second type of award is a teaching or research assistantship. The usual Ph.D. student appointment is for half-time service (20 hours per week).  The assistantship carries a stipend plus tuition waiver.

The Department intends for all Ph.D. students to acquire teaching and research experience as part of the program. Financial aid is given consistent with this objective, to provide a reasonable level of subsistence for the students, and with the goal of attracting outstanding candidates. A combination of the two types of financial aid is available.

In addition to assistantships, scholarships are awarded for research (Victor Bernard Memorial Scholarship) and teaching (Fred H. Figge Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award).