The Ph.D. program in Accountancy is designed to educate scholars for university faculty positions, and represents a set of minimum competencies that are necessary for an individual to succeed as an accountancy educator and researcher. The program emphasizes the economics, finance and behavioral-science roots of the accountancy discipline, and provides the institutional background and knowledge about research methods and economic, finance and behavioral-science theories necessary for success in an academic career.

The success of the Ph.D. program depends on extensive involvement by members of the Accountancy faculty, and on effective communication between Accountancy faculty members and Ph.D. students. Faculty involvement includes teaching Ph.D. courses and seminars, encouraging Ph.D. students to participate in research projects, guiding research performed by Ph.D. students, and participating in the administration of the Ph.D. program through service as faculty mentors, course work advisory committee members and dissertation supervisory committee members. Ph.D. students are encouraged to maintain scholarly dialogues with faculty members throughout their tenure in the program.


Centennial Speaker Series

Kathryn Kadous (PhD ’96), Professor, Emory University

Catherine Shakespeare (PhD ’02), Associate Professor, University of Michigan