Degree Requirements

The MSA program begins in June each year with Summer Session II. The MSA degree requires 32 semester hours of graduate course work of which at least 20 hours are in graduate-level accounting courses, and at least 4 hours are in non-accountancy graduate courses.

The 20 accountancy hours required are ACCY 501 through ACCY 505 (each of the five courses awards 4 hours credit). With the approval of a program advisor, students that have an accountancy undergraduate degree with appropriate course work may substitute other graduate accountancy courses for some of ACCY 501 through ACCY 505 courses with the approval of a MSA Program adviser.

Required Courses
Required Hours
ACCY 501, ACCY 502, ACCY 503, ACCY 504, ACCY 505 or substitute graduate accountancy courses approved by a program advisor
Graduate electives with at least 4 hours credit in a non-accountancy graduate course
Total Hours


Other Requirements:

    1. Students shall earn least 24 of the 32 total graduate hours while enrolled in the Graduate College at Urbana-Champaign.
    2. Electives shall form a coherent program of study approved by a program advisor.
    3. At least 20 of the 32 graduate hours shall be at the 500-level.
    4. Minimum GPA, both by semester and cumulative, is 3.0.

In addition, students with TOEFL scores below 613 (paper-based), 257 (computer-based), or 103 (internet-based), or IELTS score below 7.0, are required to take the English Placement Test (EPT) when they arrive on campus. Depending on the results of the EPT, students may be required to take a Business English course (ESL 505). The language course does not count toward the 32 hour degree requirement.

MSA students may also enroll in the CPA Preparation course ACCY 398 at no additional cost. The Department of Accountancy has partnered with Yaeger CPA Review to offer an online CPA Preparation course. This course becomes available to MSA students during the spring semester. Although the credit hours do not count towards the degree they do count towards full-time student status and may help meet the Illinois Board of Examiners requirement to take the CPA examination. The grade is reflected as part of the cumulative GPA that appears on the transcript.