Master of Science in Accountancy

A Top Accountancy Masters Program

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has consistently ranked among the top accountancy schools in the United States. The Public Accounting Report and Accounting Degree Review have rated the Illinois graduate accounting program as one of the top accountancy masters programs in the United States.  See Why Illinois for additional details of our rankings and other compelling reasons why an individual should choose Illinois.

The MS in Accountancy (MSA) program offers a one-year accounting degree. Our students include those with limited accounting education as well as students with an undergraduate degree in accounting. The MSA core curriculum applies to all of our students. However, for those students who have previously taken significantly equivalent courses to any of those in our core curriculum, we will work with our students to find a suitable replacement to recognize the sufficiency of their prior accounting education. Our MSA program prepares students for success in accounting careers and provides the academic prerequisites for candidates who wish to take the United States Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

More Than Just An Accountancy Degree

Although successful completion of our students’ academic requirements will always take top priority, our MS in Accountancy program also strives for a balanced approach to our students’ experience as captured in our visionmission and motto. We aim to help every student become a more complete accounting professional by delivering an intentional multi-faceted student experience that focuses on technical and non-technical business skill development.  We will deliver on our commitment to provide each student with more than just an accountancy degree by following our core values. That’s what makes our MSA program distinctive.

Greetings from the Program Director