The Project Discovery (PD) Accountancy curriculum is designed to enrich the student education at Illinois. Through this curriculum, students gain crucial accounting knowledge; they also develop important communication skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. These skills can provide a competitive edge when being considered for internships, employment, or graduate schools.

The Communication Team reviews papers and presentations based on four important criteria:

• Coherence—organization and unity
• Clarity—effectiveness at communicating intended meaning clearly and persuasively
• Conciseness—simplicity and precision of language
• Mechanics—conformity with rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling

Enrolled in a class with communication grading?

Communication Grading Rubric
Grading Symbols and Explanations
Presentation Evaluation Form

General communication questions?

Avoiding Casual/Opinionated Language and Using Numbers/Symbols Appropriately
Punctuation Chart
Article Use
Top 10 Business Writing Mistakes to Avoid
Student’s Guide to Executive Summary Writing
Student’s Guide to Memo Writing
Student’s Guide to Report Writing
Student’s Guide to Letter Writing
Student’s Guide to Oral Presentations


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