The Department of Accountancy offers a variety of concentrations for MAS students. Concentrations comprise 12 semester hours out of the 32 required MAS hours. These 12 hours count towards both the concentration and the MAS degree. Please note that admission to Concentrations may be competitive.  Space may be limited in certain concentrations.

Concentrations include:

Concentration Descriptions

Business and Public Policy
Today’s business leaders must make strategic decisions in an extremely complex world. In addition to navigating the rapidly changing market forces in their industry, companies operate in an environment that is strongly influenced by regulatory and public policy considerations. Furthermore, our public sector leaders must also understand how market force can help or hinder alternative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. The business and public policy graduate concentration is designed to provide graduate business students a framework for evaluating the impact of public policy on firms and the markets in which they operate.

Corporate Governance and International Business
The concentration in Corporate Governance and International Business is designed to develop leaders in various business fields who understand international business and corporate governance issues within the global economy. It specifically covers topics such as (1) how to create value for multinational partners, employees with diverse cultural backgrounds, and shareholders by designing better organizations and corporate governance; and (2) how managerial practices differ in various national/cultural contexts and why managers must be able to understand the strategic, financial, and economic implications of these differences in managing multinational corporations.

Accountants with expertise in finance are increasingly highly valued by many employers. The graduate concentration in Finance is designed to allow students in the MAS program to demonstrate substantive competency in the field of Finance through courses in advanced corporate finance, derivatives, and investments.

Information Technology and Control
The concentration in Information Technology and Control is designed to develop leaders in various business fields who understand (1) how to leverage information technology to create value for customers, external partners, and shareholders by designing better information systems to improve business processes and controls; and (2) how managers can assess the strategic, financial, and economic benefits of investing in advanced information systems.

The Department offers a graduate concentration in taxation designed to provide students with sufficient knowledge and skills to begin a career in taxation. This concentration focuses on partnership tax, corporate tax, and tax research.