Honor Code

Department of Accountancy – College of Business – University of Illinois

Accountancy Honor Code

The Accountancy Faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign expects students who are preparing to enter the accountancy profession to exhibit the same qualities of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for others that society demands from members of the accountancy profession. The Illinois Accountancy Honor Code governs the conduct of students during all academic and related professional activities in the Department of Accountancy, the College of Business and the University in general.

The primary responsibility for complying with the Honor Code rests with each individual student and with the student body as a whole. It is the obligation of students, faculty and staff to bring, in a non-anonymous manner, apparent violations to the attention of the Head of the Department. The success of the Honor Code will occur only when it has overwhelming support of students and faculty and when everyone takes it seriously.

By your acceptance of admission to a program in the Department of Accountancy, you pledge on your honor that:
  1. You will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance on any academic or related professional assignment or activity.
  2. You agree that all provisions of the Illinois Student Code related to student conduct and academic integrity bind all students matriculating to the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (availableĀ at http://www.admin.illinois.edu/policy/code/).
You further acknowledge that:
  1. You have the obligation to report apparent violations of the Honor Code and Illinois Student Code, in a non-anonymous manner, to the course instructor or the Head of the Department of Accountancy.
  2. Violations of the Honor Code and the Illinois Student Code are serious matters subject to disciplinary sanctions imposed by course instructors (for Illinois Student Code violations) or recommended by the Department of Accountancy Academic Integrity Committee (for Honor Code violations).